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Taking Action and Driving performance improvement

Sep 6, 2017 1:32:58 PM
iVantage Health

While the first questions (How am I performing? and Where are my opportunities?) in our 4-part series on integrated performance management focused on understanding performance levels and pinpointing areas of actionable opportunity, questions three and four (How do I improve? and Am I improving?) bring the discussion into a new phase.

Now that you have accurate data and have identified your opportunities, how do you efficiently make decisions about how to take action and drive performance improvement?

Efforts to improve performance are more likely to succeed when leaders and managers are able to seamlessly connect with their peers and tap industry thought leadership. With immediate access to relevant ideas, key take-aways and even potential pitfalls by those who have experienced similar circumstances, their decision making is accelerated, and they can move directly to execution and lasting performance improvement.

A key component of iVantage’s performance management philosophy is a belief that leaders must have access to an integrated source for peer learning and a sharing platform for relevant stories, successes, best practices, ideas and initiatives. Once you’ve identified your opportunity, figuring out the best path forward for improvement can be a challenging and difficult step. The iVantage KnowledgeWeb helps fill this learning gap, with 7,500 users, more than 1,000 client recommendations, 1,400 iConferences, over 200 white papers, and 10,000 ‘answers’ to performance improvement questions and challenges.

We’ve specifically designed the KnowledgeWeb to address the question, ‘How do I improve?’ and our clients find it is a helpful way to foster collaborative learning through:

  1. Facilitated collaboration: Our Knowledge Managers do the heavy lifting and encourage peer sharing and interaction through short surveys, department profiles, interactive webinars, and a curated library of solutions.
  1. Knowledge communities: Organized around functions, dimensions of performance and clinical conditions, the 160 different user communities create content streams tailored to individual roles and areas of responsibility.
  1. Participation via daily work: Knowing that healthcare staff want to share and learn efficiently, users can receive relevant content and results via email. KnowledgeWeb content is also available and easy to access within the iVantage Performance Manager™ platform, providing efficient workflow integration.
  1. Comprehensive library and idea database: Peer stories, successes, ideas, iConference recordings, survey results, thought leadership, white papers, documents, and more are hosted in the KnowledgeWeb and available to users on demand.

Once you’ve got the blueprint drawn up, it’s time to kick the initiative into gear and start generating results. How you go about initiating, tracking, and measuring your improvement initiative and monitoring success is where we’ll focus in our next post – Am I improving?

The first two post in our series can be found here and here. As always, feel free to reach to me with any questions at



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Written by John Whittlesey

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