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Buckle your seat belts and get your system on board

May 18, 2017 2:18:22 PM
iVantage Health

I’m heading to HFMA ANI 2017 in a few weeks, and I expect that during my conversations with hospital leaders I’ll hear that most of them are intent on increasing their overall market “footprint” and integration to adequately optimize new payment models, manage their patient populations, and improve the health of their communities.

As these hospital systems grow through acquisition, they’re also striving to operate more like a cohesive system. But trying to “build the plane while flying it,” particularly in dynamic, competitive market, is no easy task.

The journey from a loose federation of brick-and-mortar sites to a fully-integrated health system can take years. However, external benchmarking, when done correctly, can accelerate the standardization of operations and clinical services at your system, contribute to the creation of a data-driven culture, and provide a platform for continuous process improvement.

iVantage Performance Manager is a rapidly deployed solution that provides a critical line of sight into the operations, efficiencies and opportunities across a system. At the corporate level, it provides insights into comparative performance among a customized, health system peer group. In addition, it compares facility and operational function levels within the system - ‘sister to sister’ – so leadership can readily identify actionable opportunities within their facilities across all functions.

In our experience, clear, accurate benchmarking data allows you to identify, quantify and prioritize opportunities to improve corporate and overhead structures and costs. Championed by leadership teams who are empowered to assess performance improvement activities and progress and can drive accountability throughout your organization, you’re be sure to have the whole system land safely. 

QUESTION: How is your organization managing growth?  Where have you experienced turbulence in the journey to become an integrated healthcare system? How can you have smoother sailing in the future?  Share your comments below.

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Written by Joie Cooney

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