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Taking data-driven insights forward requires a bold new approach for the industry

Oct 4, 2017 12:33:35 PM
iVantage Health

We’ve taken more than 20 years of expertise working directly with hospital operational and clinical leadership, to deliver a best-of-breed, integrated healthcare data analytics solution to support hospitals and health systems on their journey to optimal operational and clinical performance. Say hello to iVantage Performance Manager.

iVantage Performance Manager isn’t another hospital benchmarking solution. Performance Manager goes beyond benchmarking to drive sustainable performance improvement by helping organizations:

  • Assess and benchmark current performance;
  • Identify areas of opportunity for improvement;
  • Collaborate to set meaningful targets;
  • Create, track and manage performance initiatives; and
  • Engage with others to share best practices through a peer-to-peer community.

“Performance Manager immediately moves from identifying areas for improvement in operational efficiency and clinical performance to a live improvement environment, never leaving the workflow of our next generation platform. In the current healthcare environment, the quicker an organization can move from insight to action, the better they are able to position themselves for success.” That’s a quote from Araby Thornewill, President here at iVantage.

You can learn more about this unique performance improvement solution by visiting the Performance Manager solution page on our website, or request a 20-minute solution demonstration.



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Written by Amy Weickert

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