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5 Ways to Make Your Nurses Want to Stay

May 20, 2016 4:02:21 PM
iVantage Health

"Being a nurse is physically and mentally challenging. Though serving those in need comes with rewards. It is important to understand the toll it takes on a nurse as a human and try to mitigate those issues to keep nurses at the bedside."

In an environment which places an enormous amount of emphasis on the quality of care, it’s no secret that nurses do (or will) play a key role in the transition to value-based payment models. Your nursing staff are part of the frontline in the delivery care, which makes gauging morale, addressing challenges, and championing success all the more important. 

When you look at other roles within a hospital, few bring together the mental and physical demands encountered by nurses. So for executives and administrators, improving satisfaction and retention may require different considerations and tactics then those used to support employees in less demanding or rigorous roles. For nursing, industry observers have identified five key areas most likely to damage satisfaction – and if not corrected – push nurses to seek employment elsewhere.

  1. Mandatory Overtime
  2. Floating Practices
  3. Non-nursing Tasks
  4. Bullying/Toxic Behavior
  5. Ineffective Management

INFORM KnowledgeWeb provides us with direct access to thousands of nursing professionals across the US. Using various methods such as surveys, conference calls and networking events, we’ve engaged this knowledge community in an in-depth discussion about these five areas, and most importantly, strategies for addressing these challenges. Rather than look at this from the perspective of ‘why do nurses leave,’ we’ve flipped the conversation to focus on ‘making your nurses want to stay.’ Our effort generated 700 responses from nurses and we’ve pulled everything together into a single whitepaper available here as a free download.  


 >>Read the Whitepaper<<



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